Community involvement

loaves 4 learning loyalty program

Get cash for your school! Since its inception in 2011, Loaves 4 Learning has helped schools throughout our Midwest distribution area earn cash for the things they need.

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Each UPC from Country Hearth and Village Hearth products are worth 5 cents, allowing schools to receive up to $10,000 each school year. Support your school and start saving product UPCs today!

Enrollment is open to accredited K-12 public, private or parochial schools that have a tax-exempt status and are within our Midwest distribution area. School coordinators must submit an enrollment form to get your school started.

Once enrolled, start saving UPCs and drop them off in your school’s collection box. Volunteers will attach them to collection sheets and send them in with a redemption form. Checks are mailed throughout the school year.

second harvest

Doing our part in the fight against hunger. We don’t believe in wasting food. Over 96 percent of food used as ingredients in our products and our products themselves are recycled.

As a supporting sponsor of Second Harvest Heartland (the Upper Midwest’s largest hunger-relief organization), each year we donate over 1 million loaves of bread and other bread products.

What happens when our bread products are getting close to their “fresh by” date? Local food shelves are offered all that they are able to use, and whatever is not fed to people is used for animal feed.

Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, bakers of Country Hearth and Village Hearth bread products, donate over 8 million loaves to Midwest food shelves. Second Harvest Heartland produced a video to thank them.


Our sustainability mission is to move forward while responsibly managing our shared resources to ensure a sustainable future.

Twist ties
Throwing away one twist tie may not seem like a big deal. But it is when you consider that most aren't biodegradable. We take comfort knowing that ours are.
Recyclable bags
Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Our bags are made to break down quickly. We hope by going the extra mile that we — and not our plastic — will be around in the years to come.
Reducing waste
Our goal is that every single item that comes into our plants is to be used or recycled; we want nothing to go to landfills. Although this might be unattainable, it is constantly on our minds.
Protecting nature
A portion of our sales support Nature Conservancy and other organizations dedicated to protecting the world’s lands, waters and natural habitat.
Conserving energy
Committed to protecting the environment through energy efficiency, our Sun Prairie facility has achieved the Energy Star Challenge for Industry. Our St. Cloud and Fargo facilities are currently working to do the same.