Frequently Asked Questions

why are there holes in my bread?

It's the yeast!

Have you ever wondered what causes the holes in bread? When bread is made the old-fashioned way (like the bakers of Country Hearth and Village Hearth Breads do), using yeast and other natural ingredients, holes form when the loaves are baked. When yeast is added to a sweetener and warm water, it begins to grow. Kneaded together with wheat flour and other ingredients, the yeast spreads throughout the dough. When the bread dough rests in a warm environment, tiny gas bubbles form causing it to rise and double in size, resulting in bread that is tender and slightly chewy.

Mmm … buttery

Sure, the bakers of Country Hearth and Village Hearth could use a quicker or less expensive baking method, but who likes tough, flavorless bread? When our bread is baked in the oven, the bubbles turn into holes leaving wonderful tunnels and crevices in the loaf to soak up butter on toast, melted cheddar on grilled cheese sandwiches, and mayo on a BLT!

Sheeting the dough?

Once in a while, there will be a little yeast particle that eats way too much sweetener, forming a large gas bubble. This bubble can cause a larger hole to form in the baked loaf. Luckily, the bakers at Country Hearth work diligently in sheeting the dough to avoid the air pockets that can cause a hole that goes entirely through a slice of bread. Even with our high quality bakery standards, occasionally a larger hole may show up in a slice of our bread. Contact us regarding any issues with our bread or buns and we will gladly replace the product!

Do you use bleached flour or bromates in your products?

No. We use only unbleached flour and do not use bromates in any form.

Is this the website for Country Hearth breads sold nationwide?

No. This is the site for Country Hearth Breads distributed throughout the Upper Midwest. View our store locater.

Where is your bread baked?

Our bread is baked at state-of-the-art, quality controlled bakeries in St. Cloud, Minn., Sun Prairie, Wis., and Fargo, ND.

Where’s the best place to store bread to keep it fresh longer?

Keep bread at room temperature (68 degrees Fahrenheit) in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. We do not recommend storing bread in the refrigerator, as scientific studies have shown this draws out moisture causing the the bread to become stale faster.

Can I freeze bread and buns?

Absolutely. When you know you won't be using all your bread right away, it can easily be frozen and enjoyed later. We recommend using your bread within one month of freezing.

What is your allergen policy?

Products baked in our facilities are free of tree nuts and peanuts, and are baked without dairy, eggs or soy allergens.

Do your products contain azodicarbonamide?

As of June 2015 it has been removed from all products.

What is “Free Bread Friday”?

Every Friday, Country Hearth's Facebook fans have the opportunity to win coupons for FREE bread! Our fans love it and the online conversations are always lively. Check out our Facebook page for details on how to win!

What’s the difference between Country Hearth and Village Hearth brand names?

When we expanded into the Wisconsin market in 1990, we didn’t own the rights to the trusted Country Hearth Bread brand for that distribution area. Needing another name for our same delicious bread, we selected Village Hearth.

Are your bread and bun bags recyclable?

Yes! We do our part to make sure our packaging is as earth-friendly as possible. So in addition to our bread and bun bags, even our twist ties are recyclable!

How many times can I print coupons from your website and Facebook?

Each coupon may be printed twice per device. Check back often as we add new coupons every month.

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