We’re hosting a big costume party on Saturday night and I’m getting a little stressed out. What started as a simple gathering with no fuss, has turned into a not-so-simple gathering with a lot of fuss. I can only blame myself. I have the best intentions of not turning things into a bigger deal than they have to be, but then I start getting ideas, having fun and before you know it, it’s a regular fuss-fest. I recently shared some of my menu ideas for the party on Facebook, and even treated you with my Ghost French Toast. (I’m trying to think of a clever way to throw the word “trick” in here now, but it’s not working.) Last night, in the middle of baking cakes, making simple syrup, browning 6 pounds of hamburger for chili and making Goblin Eye Deviled Eggs, I made a quick and fun dinner. I haven’t made Jack-O-Lantern faces on cheeseburgers in quite a few years, but I wanted something fun to post and make my kids laugh! All you do is cut fun faces into a slice of cheese, put it on a cooked burger patty, top with a Village Hearth Light Bun, and presto − instant party!