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    Dude, Where’s Your Bread?

    Raise your hand if you’ve put your favorite bread, rolls, bagels, or any other bakery items in the refrigerator. Okay, you can put your hand down before someone sees you. […]

    Kayla Bread

    A customer in Illinois recently sent us this email: “My daughter, Kayla, was a micro preemie born at 24 weeks in 2013. She has been through multiple surgeries, including the […]

    Reduced-gluten diet may be unhealthy

    A recently published study of more than 100,000 men and women, led by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, revealed that limiting whole grains […]

    Eco-Friendly Bakeries

    Our philosophy is simple. You put good in, you get good out. That’s why we take extra steps like using allergen-free, natural ingredients in our breads, and capturing the sun’s […]

    A Scrumptious Breakfast

    I have the breakfast recipe you didn’t even know you were looking for. Surprise! The main ingredient is bread. But not just any bread; Country Hearth Cinnamon Burst Bread. If […]

    Bread au Naturel

    Today, most of us are looking for ways to improve our health and quality of life. Many of us jump right to the main ingredient: food. When it comes to […]

    Bread in a Healthy Diet

    Oprah Winfrey’s recent Weight Watchers® commercial and Tweet declaring her love of bread created quite a buzz. And here’s the good news, her ability to lose weight while enjoying her […]

    Pack a Safe Sack Lunch

    These days when packing lunches for school or work, most everyone knows which foods are better and healthier choices, but not everyone knows how to keep foods fresh and safe. […]

    Kids in the Kitchen

    Spending time in the kitchen with your kids can be a great opportunity for them to learn many of the basics; reading, mathematics and science are all involved in cooking. […]

    Whole Wheat Bread is WIC Approved

    It isn’t always easy for lower income families to provide enough nutritious food for their children. That’s why the Feds provide States with grant money to administer the WIC (Women, […]

    Avoiding Summer Salmonella

    Memorial Day weekend starts the summer cookout season. Remember to practice good food safety by washing hands and utensils, keeping raw meats separate, cooking meats to the proper temperature and […]

    Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

    Does anyone remember the days before Ziploc® bags and plastic containers? Bread bags were a hot commodity. Moms and grandmothers from all walks of life saved bags to store leftovers, […]

    Fresh Bread Crumbs

    Do you ever make a sandwich or a piece of toast with a heel of bread just because you hate to waste it? Sure, you could feed them to the […]

    Easy Easter Breakfast

    I like brunch recipes that can be prepared the day or evening before and put in the oven the next morning. This Easter I’m making an overnight egg dish that […]

    Haunted Hamburgers and Halloween Stress

    We’re hosting a big costume party on Saturday night and I’m getting a little stressed out. What started as a simple gathering with no fuss, has turned into a not-so-simple […]