Kayla enjoying her “Kayla Bread”

A customer in Illinois recently sent us this email:

“My daughter, Kayla, was a micro preemie born at 24 weeks in 2013. She has been through multiple surgeries, including the placement of a temporary feeding tube. She is now four years old, and while she no longer has a feeding tube, she has dietary restrictions due to a dairy protein allergy.

Kayla just loves hamburger buns, and eats them instead of bread. I buy Village Hearth Buns because they don’t have any dairy. A few months ago I accidentally bought her a package of your unsliced hamburger buns. I thought for sure she wouldn’t eat them because she is the pickiest eater I know. Well, lo and behold, not only did she eat them, she LOVES them and now will only eat Village Hearth Old Fashioned Hamburger Buns. I’ve made the mistake of trying to serve her other varieties, and she says “NO! THAT IS NOT KAYLA BREAD.” She has been through a lot in her four short years, and if your Old Fashioned Buns puts a smile on my daughter’s face, all I can say is THANK YOU!!! We will continue to buy “Kayla bread”!